One of the major ways to grow sales for your product or service is by deploying marketing campaigns to that end. However, just getting on an ad dashboard to run your ads doesn’t exactly guarantee results.

If we go back to the concept of the 5 P’s of marketing (which are place, price, product, promotion and now people), we can say, digital has disrupted everything! Place no longer matter as such, you can now do online deliveries, promotions is no longer a thing, conversations are taking over, price no longer matters, value is taking over that, you would see some people even charge a lot more than you and still get a steady flow of sales. One thing that didn’t and won’t probably change is PEOPLE.

Your marketing is directed to people, your customers (or prospective customers). In other words, do the ‘people’ need what you are marketing, do they like it, do they trust that you or your product can solve their need, and are you even serving it to them where they are. 

Let’s break it down:

  1. How Well Do You Know Your Customer?
    Who is that one customer you are marketing your product to? A lot of business owners says their product or service works for everybody, you know what, that simply means you haven’t clarified who your target is, the better alternative to this is that you have a distinct product offering for each type of customer. You need to have a picture of that one person you are communicating with. This helps you refine your positioning, messaging and offer. 
  2. Do They Need What You Are Marketing?
    It starts from here, no matter how fantastic your advert targeting, creatives and stuff are, or no matter how much you pump in, you might get little or no result. They don’t need it, period!
  3. Do You Have Enough of Such People Who Need Your Product / Service
    Now that you got your customers right, and you are sure they need the product, the next thing to know is if you have enough people who need what you are offering. 
  4. Do You Have a Good Offering:
    Offerings aren’t only about ‘buy one get one free’. It simply means, does your prospect think they will find value in what you are offering. Imagine we ran an ad telling you we will help you generate $10,000 by just paying us $100 for marketing service, of course, you will probably just look away. It’s just too unrealistic. Does your offer embody the uniqueness of your solution (which is your product or service) in such a way that your customers get it?
  5. Do They Trust You Enough
    Because you are likely going to be marketing online where the prospect can’t see you physically, trust is one huge thing you will have to battle with. 

You are not alone, we are here to help.


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