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Funding is a must for every business that needs to scale and expand beyond the local borders of where they started from. No unicorn was built without funding from external sources. 

Partner with EZAdvisory today to get your funding sorted and only then can you explore the untapped potential of scaling your business and getting it into new heights beyond your imagination.

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When Do You Need Funding?

Ideally, there is a limited amount of results that you can get when you want to run an entire business only through bootstrapping. When you raise funds, you do not only bring more money into the  business to expand it, but you also bring in investors that have ample understanding of that particular sector and are committed to giving you the necessary support and also access to their vast network.

When do you need Funding?

  1. Before you can access funding, it is necessary to have a working business and it is generating revenue.
  2. You need funding when you’re already revenue cannot sufficiently expand your business and also pay salaries.
  3. You need funding when you want to roll a new feature and you.
  4. Your company is looking to digitize operations while delighting customers.
  5. You need funding so that you can be able to have reserve money in the bank in case the unplanned happens.

We Have Handled Brief In The Area Of

How We Deliver Services

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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We Perform A Growth Analysis/Audit

This helps you know where your business growth challenges truly are and also where we need to focus on to help you grow. Get the growth analysis here 

We Craft The Strategic Approach

With the data we have in either the research or the audit stage, we go-ahead to create the right strategy to achieve our mutually clearly defined goals and outcomes.


By virtue of the in-depth strategy we create, a bulk of our clients request that we drive implementation, we deploy all our best effort ruthlessly executing the crafted strategy.

Analysis & Continuous Management

With ruthless implementation comes a need for sustained growth, we do that through carefully analyzing data, drawing insights, and leveraging that to continually manage and sustain growth.

Let’s get started with a business growth analysis to understand your current business stage

The journey of a thousand mile starts with a step. Make a bold step towards your business growth

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Past Briefs Implemented

SmartFarm is an innovative business helping partners leverage their funds for farming in exchange for shared rewards. We developed a holistic strategy and implementation of growth, business structure, marketing and customer acquisition.


Business Structure, Marketing & Sales

OKMHerbal is daring an uncommon territory of making sex education and well-being available across Africa, the US & Canada. We worked with the company to move them from an Instagram and Whatsapp-based business into a fully transformed company with a functional business structure, customer-facing technology and staff management system.


Total Business Transformation

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EZAdvisory's Business Growth Management Service has launched. We do all the work (from strategy to marketing and sales), you focus on serving customers and developing your product/operations. Curious to know if this would work for your business/startup?

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