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Our Special Support Intervention For 1,000 SMEs This August

It’s no longer news that the times are changing, not just changing but hard. It’s becoming difficult to run a business. With rising cost of operations, to the unstable government policy, and even changes in customers’ behavior. Running a business is not easy.

But we have seen businesses thrive despite challenges. Case in point was during covid, when the world was faced with a challenge that seems new but we see some businesses thrive by simply looking for better ways to run operations, we saw businesses change their offer, here are some:

  • Strand Sahara provides legal support to Africa-focused businesses, as the world went into lockdown. An opportunity was spotted to create an online program for aspiring and established entrepreneurs who wish to use this time to start a business in Africa. The launch of the new program, Live Your African Dream, has attracted people from all over the world and led to a 500% increase in inquiries for Strand Sahara’s legal services. 
  • ML Property Ventures primary focus is to find properties that meet their investors’ requirements. Instead of physically viewing every single property to put an offer in, the research and calculations were concluded via pictures and property portals. 2-hour intro meetings were also changed over coffee & cake with new investors to 20-minute video calls. 
  • Cheetah , a wholesale delivery service company, recently has shifted its business to supply consumers instead of restaurants, all through contactless transactions. The original business model of Cheetah was to supply restaurants with all their food, cleaning, hardware supplies. Now in this time of crisis, the company has used its resources to supply consumers and businesses alike. To fund this expansion, the company has closed a Series B of $36 million led by Eclipse Ventures, with ICONIQ Capital, Hanaco Ventures, and Floodgate Fund. 
  • Ultimate All-Inclusive Travel,a travel challenge couldn’t function well after travel restrictions were put into place, they narrowed their advertising focus to their existing clients rather than investing their marketing and advertising budget on reaching new clientele. The upside of this approach is the company spent less money on advertising its services towards people who are less likely to book trips or vacations during the pandemic while improving relationships with people they have already built trust. This also means they could utilize their proven strategies rather than build one from scratch. While the population is slowly becoming more open to the idea of traveling, the agency has added more travel promotions for the fall of 2020 and into 2021 to entice their clients to book with them again. 
  • Milwaukee Food & City Tours is a walking and bus food tour company located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that has decreased the number of tours they offer in favour of social distancing and enforcing mandatory face coverings. These safety measures include increasing their outdoor walking tours for greater ventilated areas, decreasing the minimum headcount per tour for their private tours, and customizing their itinerary based on customer needs. Aside from taking extra safety measures, the company has pivoted its usual business model to reach customers who have been forced to stay at home. They created unique gift boxes, known as Shelter-in-Style kits, with the flavours of Milwaukee delivered right to the consumer’s doorstep. These kits vary from baked goods and fudge classics to an interactive Halloween box providing the buyer with interactive stories, a costume contest, and haunted trivia to enjoy in their own homes. 
  • Cadence Travel, a travel agency emphasized accurate safety information through consumer education and employee training at the forefront of their new operations. They recognized how important social media training was for travel advisors to grow their online presence and create a greater relationship within their client base despite social distancing policies. Cadence Travel built a page on their website devoted to traveller resources including the latest information on hotel packages, airline updates, and how to enrol in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, as well as public health and safety updates. With education on the pandemic being their main focus, they develop transparency and trust with their clients.

Any business owner who has been in the game for so long will definitely confirm that at some cycle and times, moments of change and uncertainty rocks. Also, the corresponding actions taken and when it is taken determine whether the business is going to thrive massively or die.

At EZAdvisory, we have a commitment to helping businesses thrive, irrespective of the situations they are in.

We have been tending to businesses and supporting them through with a focus on helping them stabilize and design a winning approach. We recently have one of our client appreciate a really simple but incredibly remarkable transformation we brought to them.

And one of her wish is that more businesses experience this life changing transformations

So, we are making that wish come to pass.

To help businesses, brands and startups reposition, we are deploying offers and benefits geared toward fostering growth for these businesses and startups.

See them below:

Offer 1: One For One On Every One Off Consulting Sessions

Our 60 minutes consulting session is a highly sort after-service offering that give business owners the undivided attention with a top-tier business consultant with the goal to solve their urgent business challenge or map out plans for their new project/product launch/goal focus.

As a way of assisting business in this time, we will be giving one full session for every one session booked. Meaning, if you book one 60 Minutes Session, you will get a whole full 60 minutes session extra.

This is to ensure each business is getting enough time working out their business recovery and stability with our consultants.

To book, please go to:

We understand that affording a one-on-one session might be costly to some business owners right now, we have set up a highly subsidized 5-Day Business Growth Bootcamp.

A Bootcamp is initially priced at N50,000/$100 but is currently available for enrollment at N15,000 / $30.

We have also generously opened the day 1 of the bootcamp open for all business owners who will want to get some value to run with even if they can’t afford the whole bootcamp.

Find out more information about the bootcamp here

Our Business Community is home to business owners across many countries, sharing insight, experience and also networking for mutual business success.

Through the month of August, our consultants will be on standby to speak to questions and proffer practical solutions to founders on the community.

A weekly webinar series will be held to provide expert insight and strategies on growth. From Marketing to Sales, Accounting, and a lot more.

To join the community, see 

For everyone attending our business growth workshop, we have secured various discount codes to serve a a buffer for your business. We have

  • Advertising credit
  • Coupon to business growth tools
  • Discount codes of other business services

This will be made available to all businesses

  1. Getting the one on one consulting offering – Click Here
  2. Attending our 5-day business growth boot camp –

EZAdvisory's Business Growth Management Service has launched. We do all the work (from strategy to marketing and sales), you focus on serving customers and developing your product/operations. Curious to know if this would work for your business/startup?

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