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Business Can Be A Lot Better!

Are you constantly overwhelmed and burdened by a recurrent set of problems limiting your company’s growth? 

You are not alone, we work with businesses like yours who have potentials for great growth but limited by strategy and operational challenges which have turned out too complex to solve. 

We combine the power of research, ingenious thinking & strategic knowledge to diagnose growth limiting problems then work with you to build and deploy solutions why staying right there to ensure consistent upgrade and growth.


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Core consulting service areas:

Research & Business Planning

Let’s start the creative journey with you by first helping you make sure it’s worth a business.
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Brand & Marketing & Sales Strategy

This service focus on designing your customer’s communication and acquisition approach.

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Business Structuring & Management Consulting 

Here, we solve complex business problems and structure your business for efficiency.

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Digital Leverage & Transformation

We craft the right digital platform to accelerate your business operations and process.
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Our Core Implementation Service Areas

Total Business Transformation

Let’s work with you to transform your already existing business. Let’s strategize and build everything you need to10x your sales while reducing your production time by 2.
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Marketing Management

Marketing strategy is worthless without flawless implementation, let’s deploy our marketing prowess offline and online to drive awareness and massive sales for your business.  Talk To Our Marketing Practice Lead

Technology Development & Management

Whether it’s a simple CMS website, or a sophisticated web and mobile app, or a complex ERP, our technical support team are ready to keep the engine running efficiently.  Talk To Our Technology Practice Lead

Training & Capacity Development

The efficiency of your team/staff is largely dependent on them having the right skills. We diagnose and craft a unique learning experience to build specific expertise and abilities for your staff base.
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We offer other unlisted services: Staff recruiting, investor readiness offerings, pitch deck design, designing thinking, and innovation consulting.



Visiting Growth Analyst Program

The best of our best, for your business growth.

Have you ever thought about how much better your business or startup could do if you were able to interpret your business data trends better and faster in relation to business trends in the world? 

You are not alone, a lot of business has missed out on growth opportunity because they missed out on crucial defining moments!

Don’t be caught unawares anymore, let’s be your standby researcher, growth consultant, and analyst.

Marketing/Branding & Sales Audit

We take a deep dive into how you acquire customers from offline to online (social media, Email, SEO, Google Analytics), clean, interpret and draw useful insights.

Business/Product Strategy & Operations Audit

We review how you service those customers, from purchase to production to fulfillment and general company operations to analyze for efficiency.

Technology Efficiency Audit

We review your technology system, from the customer-facing website/app to internal technology systems to eliminate bottlenecks.

Strategic Planning For Each New Cycle

We bring in our research prowess and strategic thinking capabilities to create a plan for your business growth (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly)

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We Can Get Working Fast


We will have a free short session with you to really understand what you are trying to achieve.


We make propositions and transformation offerings based on our analysis of your needs.



We get to work and implement the business transformation and growth service.

Further Growth

We deliver, onboard you and your staff and then make optimizations for your constant growth.

We have helped businesses like you

  • SmartFarm trusted us to do a total business transformation, from marketing to technology to business structure. Now, they sell out their investment rounds, they have a functional web platform to manage their customers, and have strategically crafted business structure documents that made the business activity a whole lot easier.
  • We helped moved OKM company from an Instagram and WhatsApp based company into a fully structured business with functional technology platforms while returning and rapidly increasing marketing and sales result.
  • We have helped startups like Gaceleo, Phloriche, ShedaArt and a lot more, providing startup growth services ranging from market research, product strategy, and investment readiness review.

Free ebook

50 Companies That Pivoted In The New Normal: What They Did & Their Result

COVID -19 has left the world different, both the good and the bad. Companies have had to change process and ways. 

In this ebook, we handpicked 50 companies around the world who had to make this quick change and what it was like for them.

    Why Companies & Startups Choose Us

    We Are Full Suite

    We go from research and planning to strategy, to implementation and down to optimization. We offer services focusing on all key component of your business growth. 

    We Are Thought Leaders 

    Our strategists are people whose thoughts are largely sorted after both online and offline in areas of business transformation and growth.

    We Are All About The Result

    Being a strategy first company, our first point of call with anything we are working on is the longstanding impact and result on your business.

    We Have Result To Show For It 
    Client and brands we have worked with have recorded major growth even beyond the areas of our involvement and these clients still trust us till today.
    We Solve Complex Problems 

    We understand the every changing behaviour of people and how that introduces variable to organization decisions. We take on complex problems and craft tailor-made solutions.

    We Are Digital Natives 
    We are a new age and upwardly mobile set of smart minds. We come with a new, fresh and unique perspective to driving growth for your business.

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