We are constantly looking for innovative businesses to work with to 10x their growth and cut service delivery time by 2.

Managing Partner, EZ Advisory

This Is Transformation 

We are the global business consulting arm of EquilibriumZone. We help businesses across the world make bold transformations that result in exponential results.

We carefully handpick clients whom we are confident our involvement will achieve definite results considering their business offerings, managing executives, change readiness and budget. We take them through our rigorous transformative process and work all the way to stability.

Brands we’ve worked with

Brand Testimonials

SmartFarm is an innovative business helping partners leverage their funds for farming in exchange for shared rewards. We developed a holistic strategy and implementation of growth, business structure, marketing and customer acquisition.


Business Structure, Marketing & Sales

Zoomba is an innovative e-commerce startup bringing the credit purchase system to the African market. We worked to roll out the product to market, grow the brand awareness, and capture early-stage customers.


Go To Market Strategy

CudoApp is growing an ‘Uber for Doctors’ service, allowing users to have access to medical professionals on demand. We worked with the team to understand the market, create and implement a growth marketing plan, driving further growth.


Product Strategy, Growth Marketing

How We Deliver Services

Data collection

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Guaranteed ROI

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Always Online

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We Perform A Growth Analysis/Audit

This helps you know where your business growth challenges truly are and also where we need to focus on to help you grow. Get the growth analysis here 

We Craft The Strategic Approach

With the data we have in either the research or the audit stage, we go-ahead to create the right strategy to achieve our mutually clearly defined goals and outcomes.

Implementations Overseeing

By virtue of the in-depth strategy we create, a bulk of our clients request that we oversee the implementation of the strategies. We deploy all our best effort ruthlessly in monitoring the execution of the crafted strategy.

Analysis & Continuous Management

With ruthless implementation comes a need for sustained growth, we do that through carefully analyzing data, drawing insights, and leveraging that to continually manage and sustain growth.


Business Strategy & Planning

This is the planning stage where we work with you to gather data on what your users need and thereafter craft the business strategy in direct relationship to the overall business goal.

Brand Management and Marketing

Before marketing can be done well, a good knowledge of your customers is needed. Once that is achieved, we then set out to build  a badass sales strategy that can help your product penetrate the market and increase revenue.

Sales & Customer Management

Our sales and customer management team works to improve your business sales, ensure revenue growth and make sure that the rate of customer retention is high through superb customer relationship and experience!

Business Operations & Structure

Our business operations and structure consulting team are experienced problem solvers developing data and experienced back business structure offerings.

Core Business Technology

Our technology advisory and development team is constantly looking to work with businesses to build technology and digital-driven platforms.

Funding Support

We work with startups that have gotten to the stage of raising funds to help them draft their pitch decks, strategy and then work together with them to raise funds from investors.


EZAdvisory's Business Growth Management Service has launched. We do all the work (from strategy to marketing and sales), you focus on serving customers and developing your product/operations. Curious to know if this would work for your business/startup?

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