Built For Scale – January 2023 Intake

An EZAdvisory Business Growth Accelerator Intense Program
A 3-week highly hands-on intense program for entrepreneurs looking to evolve their already running businesses into bigger ventures.

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In a strategic month like December, here are the 2 questions you should be asking yourself as the business owner

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What Is Built For Scale?

This intense ‘get your hands dirty’ program is where business owners and managers restrategize their business and replan it into a scalable business. 

Every business owner and startup founder’s focus sooner or later is to grow and scale.

We see scale as the ability of your business to serve more customers, increase revenue and increase profit without proportionately increasing staff, facility, and structure.

Think about your big dream for your business. Are you looking to hit $10,000 in revenue? $1M in Revenue? Or more. What changes do you need to make to your business to hit that in the shortest time? 

How many units of your product do you need to sell?
How long will it take you to sell on your current business approach?
What expansion do you need to do to be able to produce that much?
Will your current marketing and sales strategy help you achieve that?
Is there enough market for your product?
Do you have enough cash to fund recruit competent staff?
Or enough money to fund marketing and sales?
Or enough money to fund the heavy machines and ‘technology’ you need for that scale?

These are hard questions you will get answers to FOR YOUR BUSINESS as experts take you through each of these.

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January 16th – February 3rd 2023


11am – 2pm (Mondays – Fridays)


(Online, So you can join from any part of the world)

Here’s a peek of what you are about to learn


Where You Are

  • In this week, we will pick each area of business that affects growth and take participants through ‘auditing’ and diagnosing the health of each of those areas.
  • Participants will be tasked and guided with a hands-on activity to find crucial data to help them know what their specific business needs for growth.


The Growth Plan

With a clear understanding of where your business is, through this week, you will go through stages of crafting a growth strategy specific to your business:

  • Crafting an innovative and recession-proof business/product strategy 
  • Monetization channels design 
  • Go – To – Market & continuous marketing strategy design 
  • Distribution and sales strategy 
  • Business operations structure map out


Get Ready To Raise Cash! 

Growth needs money! Big companies raise money from investors, banks and other places because they need the money to finance their growth plans. This week we will:

  1. Guide you to designing your business plan 
  2. Designing your business pitch deck
  3. Take you through step by step guide to raise money through
    1. Grants
    2. Banks
    3. Investors & VCs
    4. (Other sources like crowdfunding platforms, family and friends)
  4. Navigating Legal Terms Of Taking Investment
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Six Reasons Why You Should Enrol On This

Structured Entrepreneurship Knowledge

Most business owners do not have structured entrepreneurial knowledge, and have so far built their business through trial and error. Now it’s time to get proper structured business growth knowledge.

This Is Not A Typical Course

As against typical business growth courses where you just come learn and take note (that you likely will not go back to) this program allows you to learn and implement it right away, through class exercise and assignments. 

Stellar Faculty

Our trainers and facilitators are top rated professionals who have been in contact with no less than 10,000 business communities, and with over 4 decades of combined experience. They are all ready to come with their passion and commitment to see your business grow. 

1 Extra Month Of Support

As a participants, you get 1 month of extra guidance, a dedicated accountability partner (that ensure you see your plans through)

Lifelong Access To The EZAdvisory Founders Community

Through our founders community, you will get access to a network of daring and audacious business owners like you.

Inspiration To Do Big Things

You might think you have a growing business, wait till you get into the program and see how others are ready for theirs, then get inspired.

Who Is This For?

This program is not for everyone. To ensure we can get maximum impact, we have some strict criteria of acceptance.

  1. Your business must be in operation for at least 1 year 
  2. You must have generated at least $2,000 in revenue in the existence of your business so far
  3. You have at least 2 staff in the business apart from you
  4. You have at least a business name registration 
  5. Have raised less than $50,000 in business funding 

If you don’t meet any of these criteria, please email us to let you know about an ongoing program for your business type.

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Get to know us
We Are EZAdvisory

EZAdvisory is a business growth consulting company whose mission is to help startups, businesses and brands get 10x their PROFIT while cutting their service delivery time by 2.

We are one of the active pushers of data-driven business growth. We believe:

  1. If you get your first 1 customer, you can get the next 1,000 and then next 1 million
  2. Your business in itself has enough data to tell you what to do to scale it, it’s now a question of knowing what to look into
  3. Nothing is unachievable and knowing the best possible route is the handwork we want to do WITH you.

Brands we’ve worked with

Some Books And Resources Authored By EZAdvisory

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Ready To Grow? Apply Below

Only admitted business owners are going to pay the program fee.


$300 / NGN150,000 / 6,000 ZAR / 3,100 GHS / 41,500 KES

Fees covers:

  1. Access for you and one other member of your business management team
  2. All that the course provides 
  3. Recordings of all session 
  4. Access to reviews of your submission by expert
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We have an ongoing 25% discount on any of the tickets you purchase, it expires in 24 hours! 

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Is This Limited To Some Specific Countries?

Not at all, you are welcome to apply from any country.

What Is The Guarantee That This Will Help My Business Grow

First, the program is exactly what you make out of it. The program is structured enough to ensure this helps your business grow, from the way the program is structured, to accountability systems put in place and more. 

However, in a case where you do not have enough time to focus on this or work on your task and activities, we are very limited in how we really can help.

Kindly do not commit to this program if you are not ready to do the hard work on growing your business.

Is there a refund policy?

We do not have a refund policy. We have done our best to ensure the program is adaptable and impactful.

In a situation where the program genuinely do not meet your expectation due to the technicalities and specialties of your business, we will consider offering a one – one consulting for your business to ensure you achieve a similar result (while that will cost us more, we will gladly bear it all to see your business grow).

I Have Other Questions, Who Can I Speak To?

You can either use the chat feature on our website, 

Or email us: advisory@equilibriumzone.org

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Do You Prefer One – One Busines Growth Advisory / Coaching? Talk To Us Today.

Email: advisory@equilibriumzone.org

Subject: One – One Business Growth For [Name Of Your Business]

Our advisory team will reach out within 1 working day. If urgent, please add to subject

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