How To Plan Your Marketing & Sales Strategy For VERY GOOD Sales: Lessons From $150,000 In Revenue


Oshidero Oluwamayowa


Google Meet


June 21st, 2023


3pm – 5pm

What You Will Learn

  • How to find your business sweet spot

  • Things you need to do before designing a proper marketing strategy

  • A list of 20 best strategies that have worked in the past

  • Case studies of companies that have designed a working business strategy

  • How to choose strategies that work for your business

  • How to see it beyond strategy

  • Pitfalls to avoid

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  1. If you get your first 1 customer, you can get the next 1,000 and then next 1 million
  2. Your business in itself has enough data to tell you what to do to scale it, it’s now a question of knowing what to look into
  3. Nothing is unachievable and knowing the best possible route is the handwork we want to do WITH you.

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