EZAdvisory Strategic Business Growth ONLINE Workshop – December Edition

As the year comes to a close, December is a very important month to every business, it’s a great time to reflect on past successes, work last-minute magic to meet your goals for the year and also gives you the time to plan 2023.

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In a strategic month like December, here are the 2 questions you should be asking yourself as the business owner

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In 10 hours (2 hours daily for 5 days), get strategic guidance and help for your business. You need to make the best of the remaining part of 2022 for your business while preparing and creating success plans for 2023.

You need to make the best of the remaining part of 2022 for your business while preparing and creating success plans for 2023.

This is a form of retreat for business owners, top managers and business decision makers
Learn the framework that helps you analyze what worked so far, in 2022
Clear strategic path to decide the next approach to use for the rest of the year
Step by step work through, putting innovative and strategic plans in place for a better 2023 business year
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December 12th, 2022


11am – 1pm Daily


(Online, So you can join from any part of the world)

Here’s a peek of what you are about to learn


Let’s Squeeze Out Some Result From The Rest of 2022:

  • A deep look at what worked and what didn’t work for your business in the last month, quarter or year. 
  • How To harness data to give you a deeper details of what’s happening
  • Maximizing The Rest of 2022: Discussion on various strategic approach to adopt for a last minute business push


Firming Up Your Business Strategy For The New Year

  • Evaluating the pulse of your market 
  • Crafting out your business goals for the new year 
  • Creating your business strategy for the new year 
  • Exploring other alternative income sources to your business 


Firming Up Your Brand Positioning & Marketing Approach

  • Brand strategy: putting your brand where it needs to be 
  • Crafting your business marketing plan for 2023 
  • Choosing the data you need to track to evaluate your marketing success 


Firming Up Your Business, Sales, Distribution & Customer Management Approach

  • Determining the right sales approach for your business – 
  • Settling on technologies to aid sales for your business 
  • Crafting the process document and process needed for effective sales process 
  • Customer management, loyalty reward and strategies to keep customer for longer


Redefining Your Business Operations Structure For Scale

  • Who does what? – A review of your company organogram 
  • Listing all your company operations to the minute details and removing redundant processes that delay your service delivery 
  • Creating strategies and approaches to ensure business operation flaws are noticed quickly 
  • Creating operations documentation process for every part of your business 

Each of these 2 hours are dedicated to hands-on workshops, however, you will be added to a Telegram group to ask questions or request an expert to look into your personal business challenges.

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See Some Words Said About This Workshop

Consulting and coaching is key to every business, many times you are busy with running your business, and don’t get to see the little cues your business is giving you. This is why consultants are highly sought after, they partner with you and almost determine the survival and growth of your business.

EZAdvisory consulting is $100 per hour. So, offering 2 hours consulting to businesses through this masterclass is a steal! Every business owner needs to grab this. “

Oluwamayowa Oshidero

Senior Consultant

” EZAdvisory’s guidance has been pivotal to our growth. The fact that they know the trends, they see it all and have a huge bank of data on their hands somewhat explains why their strategy and guidance are almost always spot on.

I have decided to focus on running my business while I simply partner with them to help me constantly evaluate my result, brainstorm strategic approaches for growth and then have them keep me accountable.

This masterclass is something every business should latch on, you are in safe and in fact, best hands. “

Chika Ezinma

Past Client

Get Extra bonuses by Joining Workshop

All the sessions prepared above for you are a lot of value, we however won’t stop there, see other benefits that comes with joining this masterclass.

  • Access to the recording of the workshop for life! It might come in handy at any point in the year
  • Access to our workshop on:
    • Raising funding through grants, investors and other corporate sources
    • Strategies for funding through family and friends
  • Access to our exclusive founders community
  • Complementary 30 minutes one on one consulting call for the first 20 businesses registered
  • Freebies and discount from our partners
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Get to know us
We Are EZAdvisory

EZAdvisory is a business growth consulting company whose mission is to help startups, businesses and brands get 10x their PROFIT while cutting their service delivery time by 2.

We are one of the active pushers of data-driven business growth. We believe:

  1. If you get your first 1 customer, you can get the next 1,000 and then next 1 million
  2. Your business in itself has enough data to tell you what to do to scale it, it’s now a question of knowing what to look into
  3. Nothing is unachievable and knowing the best possible route is the handwork we want to do WITH you.

Brands we’ve worked with

Some Books And Resources Authored By EZAdvisory

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You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Can I Invite My Key Staff & Managers To This Workshop?

Yes, absolutely. Rather than joining this alone and having to re-explain to them, you are better off paying for seats for them and then you form a group with them to work hands-on on your business at the masterclass.

How Can I Verify The Quality Of Knowledge Of EZAdvisory’s Consultants (Who Will Be Taking This Session)

First, we consult for some of the most inspiring businesses you see around. We have helped generate over one fifth of a million dollars in revenue for our clients.

Then, you can check the resources section of our website to see free resources we have put out there. If those free resources come with value, now imagine what a free masterclass like this would bring.

I Am Just Starting My Business Should I Still Join?

Definitely, the best bet, you can simply take this masterclass as a place and time to plan the growth of your new business.

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